The Gallery Zooarchaeology Conference Papers

The information presented here consists of conference papers with images. These are yet unpublished, except where noted. Pdfs of the papers are available for download.

Evidence of Animal Abuse in the City of Brotherly Love

Cruelty to animals is an ongoing issue throughout the world today. The idea of Animal Rights first appeared in the moral conscience of Americans in the late 18th century and was codified legally with the passing of laws protecting certain species in the mid-19th century.

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Analysis of Faunal Assemblages from Landfill Sites Difficulties with Context Dependency and Variable Scales of Interpretation

The city of New York decided to replace the subway station at South Ferry Terminal and to consolidate all of the subway lines. The city was required first to conduct a cultural impact or archaeological study, which was done by AKRF and URS Corp.

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A Class Apart, Shifting Attitudes about the Consumption of Fish

This paper explores the cultural meaning of fish. It examines fish remains recovered from excavations at the National Constitution Center site in Philadelphia and compares the data with other 18th and 19th century urban deposits from Philadelphia and New York City.

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A bibliography of published papers in the field of Zooarchaeology by Marie-Lorraine Pipes, PhD, RPA, Zooarchaeologist, Consultant.

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